The gay community is one of diverse, multi-faceted individuals, with preferences, tastes and needs to match. We at 60by80 understand that. We help travellers create their itineraries, brands adapt their positioning and service providers design their offerings accordingly. Queen-sized. 60 by 80.


Overwhelmed by the amount of information online? Struggling to find relevant recommendations? Having difficulty prioritizing within the available time and budget?

Let us know what you and your travel companions are looking for - don't be shy, we've heard it all before - and what the constraints are. We can put it all together for you efficiently.


Want to enhance your standing with gay travellers? Is it a challenge to make your support seem genuine and authentic? Concerned about how to handle any potential backlash?

Real support goes beyond rainbow flags and Pride sponsorship. Let us help you work out a credible stand on diversity, inclusion and equality for your brand. And how to back it up.


How well do you really understand your customer journey? And how critical touch points and what defines a best-in-class experience may differ between gay and other customers?

We can help you identify the happy path and transform your customer experience. From optimisation of the most critical touch points to a holistic customer journey re-engineering.