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Cool Globes Marseilles

Cool Globes Marseilles

Cool Globes Marseilles

Cool Globes - in the style of the Cow Parade of funky street decor - were launched in Chicago in 2007 and had the good fortune to be endorsed by the dynamic young local senator. (Can you guess who? Yes, You Can!) And now the groovy series of agitprop globes has arrived from America’s Second City onto the streets of Marseilles, France’s Second City.

The idea behind the project is to wed an artist’s vision and a sponsor to create a one-off artwork: A Cool Globe which aims to help our used and abused planet. Donations for creations, patronage to help the planet, and so forth.

The initiative is set to ignite the imagination of artists across Europe – the project moves on to Brussels and Monaco after Marseilles – as the colourful offerings are as eye-catching and funky as they are instructive. It’s quite a multi-coloured selection box: One is gilded, one is topped off by a tree, and one of the 67 Marseille Cool Globes is an outsized disco ball. Boogie on down against climate change – now, there’s a campaign to harness gay people power!

The globes rolled out on June 8 with no less than high-kicking Eric Cantona lending his support, but that’s far from the only glitter action this summer in Marseilles.

Local gays will mass on the streets for Gay Pride on July 10, and on August 29 the only 100% Gallic and gay love boat will set off from the French port city for a cruise around the Mediterranean, calling at places as diverse and sunny as Naples and Tunis. This is only the second outing after the success of the maiden voyage of the Attitude cruise from Marseille last year.

Cool Globes Marseilles - June 8-October 8
Marseilles can be reached in a swift three hours by TGV from Paris Gare de Lyon

Attitude Gay Cruise - August 29-September 5