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Address 14800 Deauville; Normandy
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Telephone +33 2 31 14 40 00
Website http://www.deauville.org/
Time to go Festival du Cinéma Americain early September. Horse racing meets March, July, August, October and December
Cost Roundtrip fares EUR 50-60 by train.
How to get there

By train the trip takes approximately two hours. Departures from Paris Saint-Lazare to Deauville-Trouville every one or two hours.

Should you crave the seashore while on a break in Paris then an obvious choice is Deauville on the Normandy coast. Certainly obvious to Claude Lelouche who immortalised the resort in his film Un homme et une femme – Annouk Aime and Jean Louis Trintingnant – with the haunting signature tune – Chabadabada. And obvious to Parisians who call it the 21st arrondissement of the French capital.

For the true experience, slam down the roof on yours roadster and head for the A13, making an exciting exit from Paris via the Champs Elysées. Two hours later it’s The Cannes of the North in Normandy which welcomes you – and some familiar, nay, world famous names.

Deauville’s connection to cinema is strong as it’s home to a number of film festivals, notably the American Film Festival in early September which leaves its mark on the town year round. From the famous ‘planches’ – the boardwalk – where beach huts bear the names of stars like Farrah Fawcett and Clint Eastwood, to the suites at the beach front hotels, which are dedicated to Hollywood talent that has passed through for the annual celebration of all things Tinseltown. To beddown in the same room as Oscar winners, try out the Elizabeth Taylor suite or the Harrison Ford at the Normandy or Royal. By way of a warranty, there’s even a photo at each door immortalizing the moment the superstar came a-callin’. Not so much the Hollywood Walk Of Fame as a Hotel Corridor of Legendary Sleepovers.

The restaurants, too, feed off the star power year round. Just along the main drag towards the station is Chez Miocque which has more than its share of showbiz diners photographed, even if it does tend to include a fair number of obscure French names. Seafood tops the bill here, but not to be missed is the tarte tatin made with apples from local orchards in this, the premiere apple region of France. Add to that a dollop of the richest of crème fraîche from the local dairy herds that cover the country side and you’re truly spoilt. Also not to be missed are the cheeses which abound locally – a total treat is the Pont l’Évêque from the namesake village just one stop down on the train to Paris.

Now, Hollywood starlets and BCBG ladies aren’t the only breeds trotting around Deauville. It’s also home to two proud horse racing tracks and sports an accordingly Uptown atmosphere with municipal gardening of the highest standard and big name shopping from Hermès to Lacoste. And to complete the sense that you have been reborn a high roller, then visit the Casino de Deauville which has its own theatre presenting a high kickin’, high class show along the lines of the Lido.

Should all this swank jade the palate then cross the river and visit the twin town, Trouville. More fishing boat than gin palace, it does boast one of the region’s finest restaurants, Les Vapeurs, which is a regular draw and a must-stop table-hop over the bridge for visiting Hollywood royalty wanting to keep it real. Great food and without the cheesy mug shots on the wall.