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Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Address Place du Parvis-Notre-Dame; 75004 Paris
Neighbourhood 4th Arrondissement | See on map
Metro Cité [M4], Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame [RER-B, C]
Telephone +33 1 42 34 56 10
Price Free (towers EUR 8)
Hours Mon-Fri 8-18:45. Sat-Sun 8-19:15. (Towers 10-17:30)

This could well have been just another cathedral had it not been for Victor Hugo’s novel that triggered a facelift to the old lady of Paris mid 19th century, but today it’s one of Paris’s most impressive Gothic monuments. To fully appreciate it, climb the stairs to the towers and the Bourdon bell like a modern day Quasimodo and get a good look at the masonry and the more than 5,000 gargoyles.