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Parfum Sur Mesure

Address 52 rue de l'Université; 75007 Paris
by rue du Bac
Neighbourhood 7th Arrondissement – Université | See on map
Metro Solférino [M12], Rue du Bac [M12]
Telephone +33 1 47 34 58 25
Website http://parfumsurmesure.com/
Hours Tues-Sun 13:30-19

Creating custom-made parfum for people with too much cash and not enough scents, Parfum Sur Mesure is the brainchild of famed ‘nose’, Stéphanie de Bruijn. A visit to her store might be one more for the ladies, but who wouldn’t be happy for a chance to visit and make their own perfume?

A snip at EUR 600 (refills a mere EUR 145), that will get you two visits and an appointment with Stéphanie who’ll then create three custom scents for you to choose from – she should even be able to whip up something man-friendly. And it’s only a slightly watered down version of the full EUR 3,000 olifactorial package which comes packaged in a vintage crystal bottle of your choice.

The experience is a bit like diving down the rabbit hole into Alice in Wonderland’s world: hundreds of tiny bottles hold essences of vanilla, musk, cinnamon, ocean, lavender and more, with families of woody, fruity and whatever other notes are making you hum to select from.

There are cheaper ‘Prêt-à-Parfumer’ options to browse through, too, which you can customize to the point of adding your own choice of top note. And if you’re really stuck – or just cheap – check out the Yin and Yang ready-to-spritz perfumes, and failsafe orange blossom. You might need to wave some under your own nose to recover from the swoon-inducing spend.