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Brasserie Barbès. Photo: Frédérique Madi

Brasserie Barbès. Photo: Frédérique Madi

Brasserie Barbès

Address 2 boulevard Barbès; 75018 Paris
by boulevard de La Chapelle
Neighbourhood 18th Arrondissement – Barbès | See on map
Metro Barbès-Rochechouart [M2, M4]
Telephone +33 1 42 64 52 23
Website http://www.brasseriebarbes.com
Price EUR 40-60
Hours Mon-Sun 08-02

Observe gentrification in progress here. Aside from the problematic banlieues, the area around the Barbès-Rochechouart metro station is one of the few areas in Paris where even locals will feel ill at ease, even in broad daylight. And Brasserie Barbès is right there, just across from the thugs and hustlers who gather at the station exit.

The place is large, with four levels and some 250 seats, but expect a wait – thirty minutes to an hour – to get in at times. It’s a project from dynamic restaurateur duo Pierre Moussié and Jean Vedreine, responsible for hotspots like Café Le Parisien and Chez Jeannette, and this is proving just as popular, with a similar bobo-glam crowd.

Open seven days a week, non-stop from breakfast through cocktails, there’s a reason to stop by whether you’re looking for a café or bar, restaurant or a boogie. For most, however, the main draw will be the small rooftop, complete with deck chairs, lots of plants and city views, great for an afternoon or early evening drink.

Critics will say that it’s noisy, the food and service so-so, and everything is overpriced. And they’ll be right. Still, there’s an immense allure. Maybe it’s the futuristic view of the metro zipping by on the elevated tracks across the road. Just as this hip brasserie, for better and worse, is a view of what lies ahead for the neighbourhood.