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Boco Opéra

Ready-made, sure, but inexpensive, organic and with recipes from a roster of Michelin-starred chefs.

Le Mary Celeste

Oysters, great small-plates and tasty cocktails in Haut Marais from the Candelaria gang.

Blend Hamburger Gourmet

Burgers may seem like a soulless option in the city of lights, but ceci n’est pas un McDo so make an exception.

Tartes Kluger

Savoury or sweet, the best tarts in Paris for a light meal in the 11th.


A Marais taquería actually serving authentic Mexican – with a tequila-touting secret round the back.

Lucky Luciano

When you need to kick that cheese-covered craving, this little pizzeria hidden in a pretty Paris courtyard will do the trick.

Le Napoléon

Play the pint-sized hero and conquer an outside table at this laid-back corner cafe on Paris’ multi-ethnic hipster thoroughfare.


An offshoot of the equally trendy Merci concept shop, Julien Cohen’s hip pizza joint-slash-cocktail bar is just down the road from mummy’s retail emporium.

4 Pat

Head down here if you prefer twinkling ceiling lights and the sound of disco stars to the Michelin variety. It’s loud and it’s very proud!

Breizh Café

If you are tiring of sushi, sick of salads, bored with bavettes, then try the latest hipster snack, the Breton fisherman’s best friend: a Breizh crêpe.

Legay Choc Boulangerie-Pâtisserie

If a flustered mum shoos her kids away from the window of this innocent boulangerie, the cause might be novelty male genitalia bread on display. Yes, le Marais has an X-rated bakery.

Pink Flamingo Pizza

Round design delights are on offer either for take-out, bicycled home delivery with a T-shirt to go, canal-side “pink-nik”, or at table in the black and pink diner space.


Guarenteed to kickstart the most partied out person or fill with virtue the most demanding keep fit queen.

L'As Du Fallafel

Gays are outnumbered two to one by falafel stands here, so when the claim of the world’s best falafel sandwich goes uncontested, then you pay attention.

Le Loup Blanc

The big brother to Ozo, Loup Blanc operates on the same kind of build-it-yourself menu service offering a meat and fish choices alongside inventive sides.


This popular meeting place manages to be both friendly and trendy whilst offering an unusual menu style in a non-too-serious atmosphere.

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