Brunch restaurants

Honor Café

In the heart of Paris’ posh 8th but no airs and graces here. The perfect pit stop for a bite and a cup of quality joe.


Looking for a ‘Perfect Delivery’? This popular brunch place in the 11th can usually be counted on to score pretty high.

Buvette Gastrothèque

A SoPi branch of a Paris-inspired West Village eatery? It’s actually great for a boho-chic brunch in the hip 9th.

Café Pinson 10e

An equally healthy and stylish second outpost in this increasingly trendy pocket of Paris’s 10th.

Café Loustic

Behind the Centre Pompidou, a stylish spot perfect for a shot of java, a chatty brunch or a few hours with your laptop.

Café Le Parisien

From the trendy Chez Jeannette gang, a more friendly and polished place in Haut-Marais.

Le Café Français

Revamped and reopened on Place de la Bastille, the sky is always blue at this Costes café.

Café Pinson

Organic, gluten-free and mostly vegetarian, this Haut Marais hotspot may sound all hippie-alternative. Anything but.

Merce and the Muse

Get your day off to a sweet start at this anglo-style café in upper Marais.

Coutume Café

Ditch the Starbucks and learn about the real art of a good roast at this intoxicatingly handsome coffee shop.

Le Café Caché du 104

Tuck into fusiony sampling size dishes in the woodsy canteen-style surroundings or while working on your tan inside the always interesting 104.

Bob’s Kitchen

No fancy names, just organic shots of fruit and veg to your personal specifications. Liquid offerings as fresh as they get churned out at the counter.

Rose Bakery

One of the capital's best known brunch spots, this Anglo-French endeavour features lots of organic stuff but really excels in the cake department.

Super Nature

Feeling a bit fragile after a little too much champagne the night before? The Super Nature brunch could be just what the doctor ordered.

Coco & Co.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Whatever your answer is, this eatery in the chic Saint-Germain neighbourhood has probably got it covered.

Breakfast in America

The real deal, as close as you'll get to a real American diner in Paris and the locals lap it up.

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