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BBB Black Blanc Beur

Address Au Folie’s Pigalle, 11 Place Pigalle; 75009 Paris
Neighbourhood 9th Arrondissement – Pigalle, Montmartre | See on map
Metro Pigalle [M2, M12]
Website http://www.kelma.org/
Price EUR 12 with drink
Hours Sundays 23-06

Paris is as such, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with the World Cup winning 1998 national football team dubbed ‘Black, Blanc, Beur’ (Black, White, Arab) thanks to its diversity, in lieu of the traditional flag’s colours of ‘Bleu, Blanc, Rouge.’

And for the better part of two decades ‘Black Blanc Beur’ has made a Sunday stand for mixing it up in a dance fiesta. BBB, as this multicultural tea dance is better known, has now moved from the bright lights of the Champs-Elysées, back to its seedy, yet sizzling home in redlight Pigalle and is still going strong.

Playing the best of RnB, rai and rap, the only issue some have with the celebrated Sunday nighter is that the punters are there for the music and less for the cruise. Still, this place gets so hot and sweaty that you can’t help but bump into a rainbow of topless papis on the heaving dance floor. Time to invoke those equal opportunity rights.