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Summer Boat Sundays

Walk the gang plank, strut your stuff, and cruise on and off the River Seine.

Café Voulez-Vous

A little piece of the Champs has migrated to the Marais with cheeky cocktails and quality gastronomy under the pink pedigree of Queen’s Thibault Jardon.

Spyce Bar Paris

No longer carrying the Le Mixer name but the club vibe that made its former rendition such a reliable pre-club warm-up is well intact.

Cafe Rosa Bonheur

A lush green Sunday evening spot for pink people in the leafy heart of Boho-land in northern Paris: Beers, wine and food with a hip crowd.

Le Troisieme Lieu

A colourful bar full of bussle with the accent on ladies who have an eye for the ladies and a friendly meeting place for gays and lesbians.

Le Banana Café

Theme nights, party-savvy staff and go-go dancers in a temple of kitsch.

Le Bears' Den

Friendly, old school institution whose name says it all.


This smallish gay bar is a Marais institution, thanks to its basement karaoke sessions which go on until the early hours most nights of the week.

Les Souffleurs

A mixed hip indie crowd sampling the rum cocktails frequent this bar/gallery.

Free DJ

Squeeze your way in, squeeze your way through the narrow bar, squeeze your way around.

Le Central

The bar in the very first gay hotel in le Marais, given a facelift for a slightly older crowd.


Bar cum restaurant with friendly bar staff and the occasional theme night.

Quetzal Bar

A younger crowd enjoy the faithful cocktails and cruisy atmosphere.

Le Duplex

A late-night bar/gallery that pulls in an artsy-intellectual crowd looking to strike up a conversation.

Le Cox

The area's closest thing to a clone bar, you'll see a lot of shaved heads and more military and leather gear than you might otherwise wish.

Café Beaubourg

And oldie but a definite goodie, everything’s a cut above the rest at this classy bistro.

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