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Mabel. Photo: Philippe Levy


Address 58 rue d’Aboukir; 75002 Paris
by rue Réaumur
Neighbourhood 2nd Arrondissement – Sentier | See on map
Metro Sentier [M3]
Telephone +33 1 42 33 24 33
Website http://www.mabelparis.com/
Price Cocktails from EUR 12. Daily specials before 22:00.
Hours Mon-Sat 18-01:30

With so many great cocktail bars in Paris these days, you’d think it’d be hard to stand out but Mabel has made everybody take notice. And although it’s owned by Joseph Akhavan, the buzz has little to do with the former Mama Shelter head bartender and mixologist – and everything to do with the ‘Rum Empire’ part of its subtitle.

Yes, rum. Even if you had suppressed the painful memories of your Bacardi & Coke excesses in youth, then you’ll for sure remember the umbrella-topped, rum-induced mojito, Mai Tai and daiquiri hangovers of adulthood. It’s a spirit that’s taking a lot of bad rap and at this place it’s the headliner of the show.

Here, however, they only serve up the good stuff – over a 100 superb varieties – and they’re skilled enough to overturn any negative preconceptions with their sublime cocktails. And if you’re still a holdout, they do have a few other poisons in the cabinet, including gin, tequila and scotch.

It also happens to be a mighty pleasant ‘Cocktail Den’, the first bit of the subtitle. Upholding a sitting-only policy in its 60s Scandi-style interiors, the bar only holds some 40-odd people which doesn’t make for a great party but is great for a date or some serious bitching among friends. Do reserve on weekends.