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Mindy Cohn

Mindy Cohn

Mindy Cohn

Profession Actress
Best known for Natalie Green in Facts of Life
Website http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mindy-Cohn/

Mindy Cohn is fresh off a star turn on stage in Toronto, and in the studio recording the voice of Scooby Doo’s “Vilma”, but she is best known to the world as feisty Natalie Green from the 1980’s hit sit-com, the Facts of Life.

It’s preternatural knowledge to fans of Natalie, that the woman who played her is a big friend to the gays. Cohn is now scorching the independent film festival circuit with a hilarious turn in “Violet Tendencies”, as New York City’s most fabulous fruit fly.


As a versatile actress, what’s most thrilling for you: Stage, Screen, or Television?

I have to say I love, love, love the stage but I (like my fellow brethren) just wanna work – so any medium works for me!

You recently filmed a segment for BBC’s “What Not To Wear”. Can you tell us about your sense of style, and how were you transformed?

The experience wasn’t so much a transformation as it was awareness that comfort is one thing, but buying two sizes too big and not accentuating your shape doesn’t put out the message that I am indeed a confident woman who loves herself! I was told it looks like I am hiding – and I am not one to hide!

As the lead “Violet” in the upcoming comedy Violet Tendencies, you play a woman who tries to run away from her gays. Do you have gays in your life and have you ever tried to run away from them?

I am a card-carrying fag hag, and I never run away!

As a self-admitted fag hag, what’s Mindy’s advice for gay men looking for love?

My advice for gay and straight people looking for love is, well, just get out there! Love is not going to come knocking on your door.

You filmed Violet on location in New York. Did you discover anything about the city you hadn’t known before?

While filming “Violet”, I discovered and fell in love with Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I found my most favorite restaurant there: Diner. I just visited last month, in fact. I am also quite partial to Chelsea.

When Mindy needs a get away, where does she go?

I love being in a car in a foreign country and exploring and getting lost! I actually love to do that in the States as well.

What are three things you always travel with?

I always travel with a book, a candle, and my address book. I still love to send postcards!