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Margaret Cho. Photo: Miss Missy

Margaret Cho. Photo: Miss Missy

Margaret Cho. Photo: Miss Missy

Profession Stand-up icon
Best known for Her potty mouth, The Cho Show
Website http://www.margaretcho.com/

The Korean-born potty mouth and LGBT icon – sometimes swinging with the men, sometimes with the ladies, always edgy and hilarious – indulges us with a short Q&A as she embarks on the European leg of her Mother tour.

Margaret, we have trouble packing for a weekend trip. How do you pack for a tour?

I’m pretty low maintenance and I buy stuff along the way and get by with very little. I’ve been a traveling sort me whole life. I don’t get real dressed up and I don’t have a lot of makeup or hair products. I’m easy!

How many leather pants make it into the suitcase?

I love leather pants but I usually just wear them and I don’t pack them so it’s just one pair! Lots of undies though.

NYC, LA and Berlin all sound like fun. Milwaukee, Buffalo, Athens (Georgia!), um, less so. How do you actually decide on the tour cities?

It’s usually where I haven’t been for awhile. I love to tour and I enjoy going to different cities and I try to make it everywhere if I can.

Any city that you won’t be returning to for a long time?

I don’t know – I’m about everywhere I’m wanted and that’s usually everywhere!

The Mother tour explores how we look at strong women in queer culture. Why this particular angle?

I think I’m always looking for a mother figure and in gay culture we love strong women like Joan Crawford, Liz Taylor, Judy garland and Madonna and I want to be like them.

Any view on why queer women – from Ellen and Rosie to Wanda and yourself – have made it so big in US comedy, while the gay guys don’t?

I’m a huge fan of all of them – and I think that it’s an interesting thing. I’m not sure why there’s that gender divide. They’re all great.

How different is each show? Can’t we just watch the DVD?

It’s different every night and tailored to each city. It’s alive and changing. I get really into making it personal and perfect.

You don’t always tour by yourself – Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry and Erasure have been among your entourage. Any dirty secrets?

I love these artists. They teach me a lot and I’m grateful to all of them for giving me such an incredible opportunity to watch them and learn. They are the true greats. We tried to eBay auction Cyndi’s used Kleenex but that’s as dirty as we get!

The Mother tour continues till the end of the year. What’s up for 2014?

I’m going back to work on Drop Dead Diva and then more touring. Also I have an album coming out with a book accompaniment after this tour.

Three things you can’t travel without?

Guitar/eye cream/Kindle!

Margaret’s Mother tour is on the road this December:
Dec 5: San Diego (The Balboa)
Dec 6: Los Angeles (The Wiltern)
Dec 9: Berlin (Admiralpalast)
Dec 12: Cologne (Gloria Theater)
Dec 13: Amsterdam (Comedy Theater)
Dec 14: Copenhagen (Bremen Teater)
Dec 15: Oslo (Latter)
Dec 16: Zurich (Bernhard Theater)
Dec 18: Stockholm (Södrateatern)
Dec 19: Helsinki (Savoy-Teatteri)
Dec 20: Munich (Freiheiz)