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Seoul Chicken

Fried chicken on the LES but, unlike the colonel’s stuff, this Korean-meets-Southern soul food really is finger-lickin’ good.

Mission Cantina

Not the most happening, fun or authentic but Danny Bowien’s Lower East Side Mexican is the hippest.

Gotham West Market

A food court alright, but this Hell’s Kitchen foodie mart isn’t of the hellish, suburban mall variant.

The Meatball Shop Chelsea

The meatiest balls in Chelsea, and no sweet talking or drinks-buying required to get a taste.

Cocktail Bodega

All-day (and night) comfort food and boozy smoothies and juices at this retro-style Lower East Side diner and watering hole.

Murray's Cheese Bar

A proper sit-down meal for serious lactose lovers at the West Village institution’s restaurant spin-off.

Pok Pok Phat Thai

Turn to the white guy from Portland for a proper Thai noodle dish: Pok Pok hits the Lower East Side.

Mission Chinese Food

Danny Bowien hits the hot & spicy sweet spot with the NYC outpost of his San Fran pop-up-gone-permanent.

Caracas Arepa Bar

The Venezuelan street food made to perfection at this itsy bitsy East Village café that’ll leave your waistline anything but.

Arriba Arriba West Side

Ándale! Ándale! Tequila brings all boys to the barrio! This Hell’s Kitchen Mexican restaurant is best known for its triple threat: brunch, burritos, and booze.

VYNL Hell's Kitchen

Give dinner a spin or take a trip to the bathroom and hang out in the private worlds (and music) of Cher, Elvis, Nelly, or Dolly Parton!

Doyers Vietnamese

Enjoy real Vietnamese home cooking by actual Vietnamese - instead of Chinese. Who knew!

Burger Joint

Hidden behind a velvet curtain next to the reception at Le Parker Méridien is one of New York’s best-kept secrets, Burger Joint.


Oodles of noodles in Karim Rashid-designed surroundings on the gayest corner of the gayest ten blocks in the Western hemisphere.

Artichoke Basilles

After being open just barely a year, this pizza place often boasts lines of hungry customers craving a good pizza in the East Village.


Emporio recreates an old world, twenties-era Roman grocery store turned restaurant.

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