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Piscina Universidad Complutense

Address Avenida Obispo Trejo; 28040 Madrid
Neighbourhood Ciudad Universidad | See on map
Metro Ciudad Universitaria [L6]
Telephone +34 91 394 3598
Website http://www.ucm.es/pags.php?tp=Instalaciones%20Deportivas&a=centros&d=0006411.php
Price EUR 5
Hours Mon-Sun 11-20

If you’re the type who fancies himself a little geek, head down to the Complutense University for some summer fun in the sun, and plenty of pasty students escaping the library for a little UV action.

The facilities are in good nick, and come with changing rooms, showers, lockers, bathrooms and, of course, the all important pool. During Pride week it’s less crowded and manic than the pool at El Lago, but to get in you may need to charm a current student or alumni in possession of a coveted access pass. Hang out by the gate and look friendly until somebody volunteers to let you in as a companion (pass holders are allowed to bring a guest).