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El Rastro

Europe’s largest flea market has something for everyone – if you have the time and inclination to find it.

Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero

Madrid’s number one stop to get lubed up. With over 80 varieties of extra virgin in stock, olive oil is the name of the game here.

Maison Blanche

Wannabe chefs and gastro-pervs alike will love the well-stocked shelves at this cookery focused shop.

Casa de Diego

Classic Spanish keepsakes that you won’t find in tourist tat stalls.

Ivorypress Art + Books

Bringing art and publishing closer together in an architecturally significant space.


An oenophile’s paradise with over 4,500 different wines and a restaurant to boot here at Spain’s largest wine warehouse.

Especialidades Blas Martín

As speciality as speciality gets – canned seafood in retro packaging awaits down this side street.

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