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Neighbourhood Chueca, Malasaña | See on map
Metro Chueca [L5], Gran Vía [L1, L5], Alonso Martínez [L4, L5, L10]

Pedestrianisation of main roads is usually the province of one-day only shopping events; see London’s Oxford Street turn to carnage come the annual Christmas VIP (Very Important Pedestrian) day. In Madrid however, it’s becoming an ever-increasing concern and Fuencarral is the latest area to benefit. Home to the city’s hipster population, it’s constantly packed as lookers and onlookers come to check out international brands like Puma, Muji, Kiehls, Adidas and Diesel, as well as local names including Custo Barcelona, Hoss Intropia, Fun & Basics and Last Wave, as well as candy from Oomuombo and accessories from Hakei – all on tree-lined, shady sidewalks free from traffic.