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Address Casa Palacio, Atocha 34; 28012 Madrid
Neighbourhood Atocha | See on map
Metro Atocha [L1]
Telephone +34 90 220 3025
Website http://www.alboroque.es
Price EUR 60
Hours Mon-Fri 14-16, 21-23. Sat 21-23.

Every city has its mad-scientist style chef (hello, Heston Blumenthal, yes we’re talking to you) and Madrid’s is Andrés Madrigal. Having spent two decades re-inventing Spanish cuisine, he finally opened his own restaurant a couple of years ago to rave reviews and a well-deserved Michelin star. With market-fresh ingredients and an emphasis on seafood (though other dishes like slow-cooked rabbit are on offer – and very good, too) the menus are in constant flux, with the two floors of his art-filled space often packed with gastro-pilgrims out for the next big thing. And the next big thing is in abundant supply here, as Andrés often lends the space to other experimental chefs as a kind of testing ground for new ideas.