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Address Infantas 19; 28004 Madrid
Neighbourhood Chueca | See on map
Metro Chueca [L5]
Telephone + 34 91 524 1298
Price EUR 20
Hours Mon-Thu 10-22. Fri-Sat 10-01. Sun 16-22

More of a multi-faceted stop off point for the area’s cool kids to hang out than an actual restaurant, Isolée mixes café, music, clothes and lifestyle bits and bobs over several highly sheened floors. It may be a little on the expensive side for snacky sushi and bagels, but the coffees are excellent, the atmosphere in-the-know, and the eye-candy unbeatable. Plus, there’s the Moet & Chandon champagne bubble bar; don’t be surprised if you walk out wielding way more than you came in with. Except cash, that is.