La Boîte

Address Tetuán 27; 28013 Madrid
by Plaza del Carmen
Neighbourhood Centro | See on map
Metro Sol [L1, L2, L3], Gran Vía [L1, L5]
Telephone +34 91 522 9620
Price EUR 12 with drink. Free before 02:30.
Hours Wed-Sun 0:30-06.
Best night Ultrapop Fridays

Anyone who has suffered through high school French lessons will tell you their descriptions of mes vacances were peppered with references to les boites – nightclubs, and probably the odd bout of fumeur too. Which makes this throwback to the 80s even more relevant (oh come on now, we’re way past pretending we’re children of the 90s for God’s sake), with its fleur de lis-ringed disco ball, giant dance floor and chart-heavy DJ sets.

Relatively hetero-friendly and popular with all walks of life, from muscle marys and hipsters to mama’s boys and sugar daddies, it’s blessed with a lack of attitude and packed on the weekends. There’s also a regular schedule of live acts if you’re in the mood for something lyrical.