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LL Show Bar

Address Pelayo 11; 28004 Madrid
by Augusto Figueroa
Neighbourhood Chueca | See on map
Metro Chueca [M5]
Telephone +34 91 523 3121
Website http://www.interocio.es/LL/
Price Free entry, but mandatory consumption
Hours Daily 17-06

If you’re in the mood for some unpretentious, old school fun after dinner (so in Madrileño terms, that’ll be well past midnight), head to LL Show Bar. It’s not big, it’s not fancy and the cleverest thing you can do here is buy a drink and keep ‘em coming. The bar staff are eagle-eyed enforcers of mandatory beverage consumption, so whilst there’s no cover charge to get in, you will be spending (or end up out on your ear).

What’s the attraction? Shameless drag shows keep a steady stream of locals and tourists from all over coming through the doors; yes everything’s in Spanish, but memorise a few show tunes and you’ll be laughing. Or everyone else will be, as one of the flamboyantly dresses stars takes on another hapless, linguistically-challenged visitor.

It’s all good-natured, and stay the course and you’ll be rewarded with strip shows around 2am. If that’s all too hot to handle, have a peek round the left-hand side of the downstairs bathrooms for a secret darkroom.