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Paris Tokyo

The perfect place in Chueca to kill some time in the post-dinner, pre-club time slot with a cocktail or four.

LL Show Bar

Treat yourself to a saucy show courtesy of shameless drags and Spanish stripping in an old school locale where drinking is the only rule.

Museo Chicote

Hemmingway’s haunt of choice has survived the worst of the Civil War but now chooses the sounds of DJs over those of incoming shells.

Why Not

Fun and friendly Chueca institution, offering up light-hearted pop music, a mixed crowd of hot young things, and decent cocktails.


A former brothel keeps its decor sexy and provides grown up clubbers with a late night escape of house and electro in a red-lit room.


A fun and hugely popular gay ghetto haunt with huge screens playing the latest music videos from Kylie & friends to get you in the mood.


Part restaurant, part packed bar, part chill out patio, Suite has something for everybody and is a safe place to start the night.

Ángel Sierra Taberna

On sunny afternoons Plaza Chueca fills up with local boys out to look and be looked at.

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