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CassetteTetuán 27

Address Tetuán 27; 28013 Madrid
Neighbourhood Centro | See on map
Metro Sol [L1, L2, L3]
Telephone +34 91 531 0132
Website https://www.facebook.com/pages/CASSETTE-CLUB/120092931336257
Hours 00:30-06

Ah, the days of the humble Walkman and its tedious, non-digitalised rewind button. Cassettes may be out with the dinosaurs, but they do serve to remind us of a simpler time, when skipping songs was far less simple and you’d have to painstakingly record mixtapes off the radio rather than ‘create’ playlists.

The club bearing this retro namesake is also attempting to take revellers back to a purer time, offering hardcore amounts of electro house and minimal techno for fans who don’t stop just because the sun’s up, from DJs and producers such as Tom Pooks and Monoblock.

Sure, the decor sucks and it looks like the kind of den the 90s firmly waved buh bye to, but when it’s this dark and the music’s that good, the clientele don’t care.