Value hotels

Hotel Indigo Madrid

This budget boutique might not wow you but nor is it too shabby for a great location in the Spanish capital.

Praktik Metropol

Pretty, cosy, and as central as you can get, just across the Gran Vía from Chueca.

Hotel Abalú

A design-savvy take on the traditional hostel for young travellers with a sense of fun and a need for comfort.

Room Mate Laura

More apartments than rooms and less brash than her siblings, Laura is perhaps the most sophisticated of all the Room Mate properties.

Room Mate Mario

Mario is the arty, cultured little hipster of the Room Mate hotels, but gets the job done.

Room Mate Alicia

The first of the Room Mate hotels, Alicia is the artsy, intellectual one, inviting you to stay in her colourful Ikea-esque rooms.

Room Mate Óscar

Smack bang in the heart of the Chueca gay nightlife, Óscar is the Room Mate hotels’ glam-loving party animal.

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