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Logan Schmitz

Logan Schmitz

Profession Event maker
Best known for SuperMartXé
Website http://loganpresents.co.uk/

He was raised in the American Bible Belt but isn’t your average choir boy. After learning a thing or two in Ibiza about how to put on a show, Oklahoma native Logan Schmitz made the Big Smoke his next stop. And while he may not be a household name (yet), any self-respecting London clubber will be well familiar with his events. The man who’s taught Londoners how to say SuperMartXé, tells us about his upcoming plans and how to pull a go-go.

Logan, you’re man full of surprises: The savviest man in London nightlife is a Middle America country boy, started out as a go-go dancer – and is happily married. Is Oklahoma – one of the most anti-gay states – really OK?

I can’t say how Oklahoma is moving along now, but when I last lived there prior to 2000, I didn’t know what “gay” meant myself. With a position dead on centre in the middle of the “Bible Belt,” one can only imagine how slow acceptance has taken especially in the governmental areas.

Are you a bit of a local celebrity back at home, or do you keep a low profile to avoid being mobbed by the tea party crowd?

I wouldn’t call myself a local celebrity. Growing up I always held a public face with leading my school as Class President, but once I moved away for university, I slowly lost touch with my classmates. I made some big life changes, coming out to myself, and travelling the world that I assumed my classmates didn’t really know the new Logan. Returning home once a year to visit, doesn’t leave me much time to catch up with anyone outside my family. I will be returning this July for my 10 year class reunion. I’m a bit nervous to see everyone after 10 years.

You’re in incredible shape. Is it really the corn that they feed you Midwestern guys?

Since my days in school, I have always had a love for working out. I did grow up on a Midwestern appetite, but go physical shape has always been important and until I retire those dancing shoes, I would like to keep my six pack as well.

You, like most of our readers, keep a packed schedule. How do you find the time to stay in shape?

I get up extra early to get to the gym first thing in the morning. There is nothing like a 7am workout to start the day!

You met your hubby while working as a dancer in Ibiza. Just what’s the trick to pull a go-go?

How do I begin to answer this, well, never offer money and don’t show us too much attention. But seriously, it was summer love that turned into four happy years. Life is all about timing and that goes for pulling a go-go as well.

You’ve obviously got many more talents than your dance moves… AND run an incredibly successful company. Are you the exception, or are most of those glistening, hip-rotating, mouth-watering, hard bodies on stage smarter than we give them credit for?

Anyone can have a love of dance and performing. I have met dancers from all over the world, some do it for money, others do it for fun, but let me just say you can’t judge a go-go by his moves.

You now run both SuperMartXé and Matinée, London’s two hottest nights. The clubbing super brands are fierce competitors at home in Spain. Do things occasionally get a little weird?

Matinée is my new addition to my London productions and so far things have been very smooth between the brands. As long as both brands remain successful, I can’t imagine much conflict. At the moment in Spain, these two heavy competitors have teamed up and recently produced collaboration nights SuperMartXé at Matinée and vice versa.

The shows at SuperMartXé have been amazing so far. Can you keep on exceeding expectations?

I hope so. We are bursting with new ideas, like an business you got to stay ahead of the game.

You’re collaborating with Ed Hardy for the upcoming Hot Wheels event – a man currently best known for providing the Jersey Shore kids and Hollywood starlets with their bedazzled clothing-quota – what made you want to work with him?

The Hot Wheels theme screams Ed Hardy. An employee approached me from the Ed Hardy office asking for a London collaboration. We both thought the time was right and theme was perfect. My entire cast will be bedazzled from head to toe in Ed Hardy giving us one of SuperMartXé London’s most colourful nights!

SuperMartXé has gone increasingly straight in Spain. Can we expect it to go surf’n’turf in London, too, or will it stick to its boys-who-like-boys roots?

Our London parties are targeted to a gay audience but we welcome everyone to our events as our parties have always been hetero-friendly!

Interestingly, the hottest gay club night in Spain is no longer SuperMartXé or Matinée, but newcomer WE Party. Will we see Logan running three Spanish club brands at the end of 2010?

Yes indeed, WE Party is making a lot of noise on the Spanish scene. I know the guys behind it and they are eager for a London collaboration. Although I am happy with the brands I have, we will have to wait and see how WE will move forward in the future.

What’s with the “VIP experience”? Isn’t it all about being down on the dance floor? (Or is that where you find a marriage-eligible dancer?)

VIP at SuperMartXé has a very simple formula. With two types of areas all surrounding above the main dance floor, the VIP experience gives those customers a bit of extra space. Each table includes a bottle of premium liquor and mixers, and allows a VIP entry with six guests and adequate service. It is a fun area still in the middle of things with those hottie dancers at hand. Book a table online at www.clubtickets.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Post-bank holiday blow-out, what’s the best way to recover on that all-important Monday off?

My Bank Holiday Monday is never off. I am usually cleaning up the after-math of the event, but for those that have been parting on through the weekend, I would enjoy a spa day from the Sanderson Hotel’s Aqua Spa.

Your tip for the hottest tune this summer?

I have heard so great big tracks already, and I think Rebeka Brown is going to pull something out of the bag, but I am in as much anticipation for the summer anthems as anyone. You can stay in tune with the latest tracks and DJ Hot releases by subscribing to my new monthly Logan Presents Podcast from the following address: http://loganpresentspodcast.podomatic.com

What three things are always in your carry-on when you travel?

1) My Laptop Computer- I admit it, I’m a work-a-holic, 2) My camera, 3) Extra pair of high top trainers

What does the future hold for you? Any un-ticked boxes on your to-do list?

My To-List is on-going and always growing list. As soon as one is ticked another needs ticking. I have some new summer time projects in the works. Matinée is moving home as the Fridge is going under refurbishment.