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Taxi service: Addison Lee

Taxi service par excellence, Addie Lee is the reliable choice for safe and steady transport.

Food delivery: Room Service

When eating out isn’t an option and the hotel menu doesn’t take your fancy, try Room Service’s one-stop delivery service from lots of the city’s favourite eateries.

Luggage service: Jeeves Suitcase Service

Travelling can take its toll on your beloved – no not your partner – the designer duds in your suitcase. Let Jeeves caress them back to health.

Clothes repair: British Invisible Mending Service

Think twice before throwing that well loved, but holey, jumper away – these guys can thread almost anything back together again.

Dry cleaner: Valentino Dry Cleaners

Holiday memories are good, but a spilled glass of red is not the kind of trouser action that you want to be reminded about.

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