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No-nonsense spa: Nickel Man

Created by men, for men, Nickel offers a no-nonsense, high performance approach to grooming.

City spa: Gentleman’s Tonic

Be inspired by the lothario legends from which the spa packages here take their name, in a gentleman’s retreat in the heart of Mayfair.

Luxury spa: The Refinery

The Rolls Royce of skincare, Refinery extends its luxury reach as far as Tokyo and is Harrod’s in-house spa of choice.

Traditional shave: Truefitt & Hill

Grooming men for greatness is still the aim of London’s oldest barbershop, which continues to do the best hot lather shaves loved by Kings, celebrities and politicians.

Cut and shave: Sharps

Nodding to the past but shaking hands with the future, maintenance matters here, and comes with equal measures of irony and excellence.

Legendary shave: Murdocks

Traditional wet shaves and barbershop services get a modern revamp courtesy of Murdock’s club-like atmosphere.

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