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The Landmark Spa and Health Club

Website http://www.payasugym.com/
Price Day passes from GBP 4

If the gym at the hotel where you’re staying, like most hotel “gyms”, is the size of a broom cupboard, or you live here but, like most London boys, aren’t ready to make a long term commitment, then PayAsUgym might just be the thing for you.

With over 100 gyms signed onto its scheme in London alone, chances are that there’s one conveniently close to you. While it’s mostly mid-tier and municipally run facilities among the listings, they should all suffice to work up a proper sweat and many offer more luxurious amenities and pools.

Like a prepaid phone, you top up credit (a minimum of GBP 3) to your account but are only charged when you actually go to work out, troll the sauna, or whatever else you might be up to. And, unlike the mobile phone, here you aren’t tied to a particular gym operator.

It always works out cheaper or at the same cost as going direct, and it’s easy: Book a day, monthly or quarterly pass at the gym of your choice, and then you simply present the pass, sent to you by SMS or email, when you’re ready.