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Rochelle Canteen. Photo: The Skinny Bib

Address Arnold Circus; London E2 7ES
by Club Row and Rochelle Street
Neighbourhood Shoreditch, Bethnal Green | See on map
Tube Shoreditch High St [Overground], Old St [Northern]
Telephone +44 20 7729 5677
Website http://www.arnoldandhenderson.com/
Price GBP 15-30
Hours Mon-Fri 09-11, 12-15

Nose-to-tail eating isn’t exactly a new trend, but it is one that’s slowly been picking up pace. Aside from St John’s, the original arbiters of the all-encompassing theory, a quiet little catering business based in an old Victorian estate and school has been dishing out food as an aside to their feasts.

If you want a taste but don’t have an event as an excuse, pop by the canteen (an old bike shed), whose glass doors open up onto the old schoolyard’s grassy playground during the summer, and is guaranteed to be inhabited by local artists and fashion designers throughout the year. Rochelle Canteen originally opened to provide surrounding studios with a sturdy, satisfying lunch option at accessible prices.

The emphasis here is very much on seasonal produce and traditional meals. Osso bucco, asparagus soup, steamed mussels, grilled lamb, pear tarts and pavlovas have all graced the succinct daily menus, with everything depending on what’s available and good at the time. It’s hardly surprising that Melanie Arnold and Margot Henderson, the twosome behind the venture, are married to the founders of St John, with Soho’s popular The French House also to their credit.

Look for an old door marked ‘Boys’ and ring the bell (they share buzzer space with Katie Hillier, no less) to gain access. If you like a drink with your brekkie or lunch (they don’t do dinners), make sure to bring your own. It’ll be just like sneaking spirits into boarding school all over again.