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Vogue Fabrics. Photo: Lottyloo Does

Vogue Fabrics

Vogue Fabrics

Address 66 Stoke Newington Road; London N16 7XB
by Arcola Street
Neighbourhood Dalston | See on map
Tube Dalston Kingsland [Overground]
Website http://vfdalston.com/
Price Varies. Typically GBP 5
Hours Fri-Sat 22-03.

If you were looking to do the East London gay experience, well, look no further than this Dalston club, host to some of the capital’s best and most alternative nights.

Glam it’s not but VFD (aka Vogue Fabrics) is also free of the attitude that might cramp your style at the better known Dalston Superstore down the road. Anything goes and the guys here – generally a healthy mix of grown-up hotties, designer beards and fierce showboats – aren’t shy.

Relieve yourself before arrival (there’s a cronic bathroom situation) and wear as little as possible – it’s a small, cramped and low-ceilinged basement space that gets ridiculously hot – and preferably nothing that you can’t afford to lose (the cloakroom situation isn't great either). Now enjoy.