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VFD (Vogue Fabrics)

If you were looking to do the East London gay experience, well, look no further.

Club Room Service Thursdays

Glamour meets dirty NYC basement at this Soho club night which delivers boys right to your door.

Savage Saturdays

After this East London night, you’ll never have fun again without stripper dancing poles and a car wash.

Everything Wednesdays

Closed. Have a mid-week boogie with Jodie Harsh at Disco, the fun-packed Soho members club.

Protocol Vauxhall

The latest Vauxhall superclub, promising a ‘discerning’ clubbing experience for ‘the elite’. That certainly would be something new in this area.

Gigolo Thursdays

Shadow Lounge's midweek disco run by the nightlife scene’s favourite snappers.

The Joiners Arms

CLOSED. With a late license, an unpredictable mish-mash of people from dandy hipsters and pudgy cubs to tank-topped muscle boys and a fine assortment of pretty fag hags.

Horse Meat Disco

The original ‘queer party for everyone’, Horse Meat Disco is one of London’s most established club nights with a Sunday night residency of golden age disco to go Ga-Ga for.


Closed. Will Proud’s Boy George-curated gay-nights become the next big thing in clubbing?


The fashion fabulous and club-kids of Boombox’s days love this offering from Richard Mortimer, who packs in the coolest crowds for Ponystep.


London’s newest hardcore club scene takes place inside a series of Victorian tunnels and interconnecting rooms under London Bridge.


CLOSED. Where clubbing becomes an extreme-sport. One of London’s most extreme clubs with four massive dance floors and state of the art sound and lighting systems.

Lo Profile

Closed. Gaydar gets physical. The cruising site’s clubbing venture may be underground but it sure as hell isn’t hiding anything.


Trading toplessness for cracking DJ sets. The original arena for the all-night gay bender which helped countless DJs cut their teeth.


Nostalgia to get away from it all. At this little bar emphasis is always on a total escape from the real world.


Almost 24/7, Fire attracts clubbers looking for the party that never, ever ends, with funky house, muscle boys and a Mexican finale on Tuesday.

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