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Le Baron London

Le Baron London

Address The Scotch of St James, 13A Masons Yard; London SW1Y 6BU
Neighbourhood St James's | See on map
Tube Green Park [Jubilee, Piccadilly, Victoria], Piccadilly Circus [Bakerloo, Piccadilly]
Website http://lebaronlondon.com/
Price Free
Hours Tues-Sat 22-late

The Parisian nightlife hot-spot, famed for its decadent rock and roll parties, has finally landed in Blighty and has already had to move. Now tucked away in Masons Yard in St James, it still has people queuing to get past immigration for a taste of French extravagance and savoir-faire.

If you’re familiar with any of André Saraiva and Olivier Zahm’s other places – the enterprising duo of graffiti artist and Purple Mag editor is a busy twosome – then you’ll feel right at home. More underground than glam, it’s like a party brothel with a penchant for street art with its red lights, twinkling disco balls and abundance of original pieces.

You might be paying more attention to fellow partygoers than the décor – polaroids, vintage porn as well as works by Tracy Emin, Aaron Young and André himself (a Disney creature is rarely seen as, um, excited as his pink Mickey Mouse) – but play it cool: drink, dance and try not to gawk (too much) at any famous people who may be present.

In the spirit of egalité, you won’t find VIP rooms or memberships but that’s not to say the door isn’t challenging. As in Paris, Le Baron London is shooting for an, um, naturally filtered-out cool crowd: everyone can try; getting in is another matter.

If you haven’t pocketed a VIP pin from André (in the shape of the club’s signature winking, top-hatted stick figure) for fast-track access, then dress to impress but don’t appear to try too hard; take a lesson from the French and affect your most unaffected air.