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Fresh Fitness

It’s hard to beat this low-cost, low-service (and now 24-hour) chain in terms of convenience and value for money.

Palm Fitness

There’s usually little to like about hotel gyms but then the onsite facility at Skt Petri isn’t usual.

Fitness World Base Camp

Basic and no frills, but this massive space is hard to beat In terms of workout bang for your buck.

Well-come Fitness & Spa

4,000 square meters of prime fitness and spa facilities for the well-heeled in the ritzy northern part of town.

DGI Byen-Vandkulturhuset

Often uncomfortably packed, love it or hate it for its the unusual, elliptical pool and range of both dry and water-based fitness activities.

Fitness dk Royal

A large, modern facility in the center from the popular all-round chain.

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