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GoBoat Copenhagen

Address Islands Brygge 6; 2300 Copenhagen S
between the harbour bath and Langebro bridge
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Neighbourhood Amager – Islands Brygge
Telephone +45 40 26 10 25
Website http://goboat.dk/
Time to go Daily 10-sunset
Cost 1 hour DKK 399, 2 hours DKK 749, 3 hours DKK 999. Additional hours DKK 333.
How to get there

Bus 5A to Klaksvigsgade by Langebro.

One of Copenhagen’s most popular attractions is the canal cruise, and deservedly so: a trip around the waterway of the Danish capital is a wonderful way of spending an hour of your time on a sunny day. Still, an even better way to spend it would be without the tourists and the constant yapper of the guide in what seems like at least ten languages.

That’s exactly why you can rent a GoBoat, the most excellent solution to this little first world problem. It’s a small solar powered vessel (packs up to eight skinny bodies) with a max speed that’s low enough to permit anybody of legal age to captain it. So no racing but it’s easy to maneuver, goes where you want, at your own pace, and it conveniently has a picnic table in the middle. Bring (or order) food. Bring lots of drinks. Be jolly.

One little piece of advice: while the water in Copenhagen’s canals is clean enough to safely swim in (during the summer you’ll see plenty of locals in the water), getting back into the boat can be hard. Like really hard. So to save yourself from lots of embarrassment, bring your little cruiser close to a dock before jumping in.