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Radio. Photo: Anders Schønnemann

Address Julius Thomsens Gade 12; 1632 Copenhagen V
by Rosenørns Allé
Neighbourhood Vesterbro, Frederiksberg | See on map
Metro Forum [M1, M2]
Telephone +45 25 10 27 33
Website http://restaurantradio.dk/
Price Lunch DKK 200-300. Dinner menus DKK 300-400 plus drinks.
Hours Tues-Thu 17:30-21:30. Fri-Sat 12-14, 17:30-21:30

There are certain riffs on restauranting that have become par for the course in Copenhagen: You’ll generally always get something organic. The food will be sourced from a farmer’s field and freshly shipped in from the owner’s mate’s captain’s ship straight from the sea. The decor will (mostly) be light, modern and a little urban. And so it is at Radio.

That, however, doesn’t make it a bad, or a done thing. Restaurateur Claus Meyer (formerly of Noma) dials up the volume and broadcasts a new message here, and there’s a certain romance in the fact that you can look forward to over 80 different crops from the chef duo Jesper Kirketerp and Rasmus Kliim’s own field, fresh fruits from the island of Lilleø, and whatever the hunters of Lolland bring in.

Enjoy the likes of grilled leeks and cod, cream cheese and scallops or stewed corn with forest mushrooms in suitably woodsy surroundings of simple black furniture, oak walls and blown out photographs of various flora and fauna. With set menus starting from DKK 300, and lunchtime offerings from 100 DKK this equates to a much more affordable entry into the city’s conceptual dining scene.