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From the team behind Kadeau, gourmet-on-a-“budget” for a night out with friends in Christianshavn.

MadMad Madbodega

Culinary wizardry on Vesterbro: It’s Nordic, it’s organic, yet it feels like comfort food. Mad mad magic.

Cava Bar Mar y Montaña

If you needed an excuse to take a break from new Nordic in Copenhagen, cheap cava should do.

Café Lillebror

No ordinary Copenhagen café. Two former Noma chefs, affordable new Nordic and a killer breakfast.


No 800 pound beast at this hotspot in Copenhagen’s hip meatpacking district, just a monster of a menu.


Pizza? In Copenhagen? Christian Puglisi’s beast on Nørrebro isn’t your average dollar-slice joint.


Sleek, lively and abuzz, it’s informal dining in Copenhagen with Michelin star pedigree.


Go South American at the latest from Cofoco, Copenhagen’s masters of trendy-yet-affordable dining.


Steering well clear of the New Nordic and tasting menu concepts, modest prices and exceptional tastiness in Copenhagen’s Kødbyen.

The Standard

Noma co-founder Claus Meyer raises the level with three foodie hotspots and a jazz club in Copenhagen’s harbour.


No African connection but plenty of monkey business at this Copenhagen hotspot restaurant.


Affordable new Nordic and a dose of brotherly love in Copenhagen from two former Noma chefs.

Wining & Dining

A Copenhagen restaurant that lets you enjoy your plonk with no risk of a financial hangover, too.


Not for the squamish, a unique Copenhagen food experience for a manly protein fix rather than your five-a-day greens.


You won’t mistake Cofoco’s take on new Nordic cuisine for Noma, but neither will your bank manager.


Marrying the best of South East Asia’s foodstuffs, a Noma co-founder brings back time-honoured recipes and flavours from the region.

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