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Restaurant Paustian

Address Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2; 2100 Copenhagen Ø
by Sundkrogen
Neighbourhood Østerbro | See on map
Metro Nordhavn [A, B, C, E, H]
Telephone +45 39 18 55 01
Website http://www.restaurantpaustian.dk/
Price DKK 350-500 plus drinks
Hours Tues-Fri 12-16, 18-23. Sat 12-16 (kitchen closes 14:30, 22:00)

There’s nothing like salivating over beautiful home furnishings to get your appetite up. Well, presumably that’s the theory behind Restaurant Paustian, located in the rather spectacular namesake interiors store. It’s been without a chef for a while, but holy upholstery, is it back with a bang.

After relaunching with Bo and Lisbeth Jacobsen, chefs and owners of Restaurationen, the reins have been handed over to their protegé, young chef Hans Lee Rasmussen who has continued their particular brand of ‘Danish food’. That means veering away from the set seven-course dramas of other establishments and instead concentrate on forgotten traditions and simple fodder, done well.

The prices aren’t half bad either, so you’ll have change after purchasing your Eames for a little smoked fish, pickled veg and one of the daily ice-creams with a scattering of berries.