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Kadeau København

The more accessible option for trying out the new Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen – at least in terms of getting a table.


Take Venezuela’s Amazonian and Andean food traditions, add elements from new Nordic cooking and things get really interesting in Copenhagen.

No. 2

Your no. 1 spot in Copenhagen for gourmet without too much formality and a taste of new Nordic without the gimmicks.

AOC - aarø & co

At this two-Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, a new Nordic sensory treat that won't leave your taste buds disappointed.


Matthew Orlando’s must-do restaurant if Noma’s on your Copenhagen wish list. And so much more accessible.


Copenhagen’s d'Angleterre has finally gotten a Michelin-starred trophy restaurant that befits its grand dame hotel status.


The name means ‘highlight’ in Danish and this food experience on Borgergade from the Berntsen twins is one.


Teensy jewel-box of an eatery in a romantic, country-cottage style setting, serving jazzed up French fancies with Danish finesse.

Kiin Kiin

The world’s only Thai restaurant with a Michelin star. Perhaps not the best in the world but still a pretty fine one.


Occasionally more daring than delicious, ex-Noma staff serves up a gastronomic experience at well accessible prices.


Provoke your senses at Copenhagen’s contender for global gastro-supremacy, voted the world’s best restaurant three times since 2010.


Forget soccer. Get acquainted with one of the world’s hottest young chefs at the top of Danish national football stadium.

Nimb Louise

Dine in the Moorish universe of Nimb’s Michelin-starred restaurant to get in touch with your emotions – and not just ‘hunger’.

Kong Hans Kælder

Classical service without being stuffy, H.C. Andersen’s old joint has been the local place of reference for gourmet cuisine since it opened.

The Paul

Fairground fodder takes a rollercoaster ride away from cotton candy and limp sausages at Tivoli-based and Michelin-starred The Paul.

Era Ora

The city’s preeminent Italian restaurant with everything – from the ingredients to the silverware – imported from the mother country.

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