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Heaven Copenhagen

No pearly gates – even the worst of sinners are welcome here and to its men-only club on weekend nights.

Never Mind

Probably the most apt description of a bar yet, as nobody takes themselves (or anybody else) too serious here. Rarely pretty, but often fun.

Cosy Bar

It gets messy in here, but it’s all in good, polite spirits, and you won’t leave home empty handed if you don’t want to.


Good for a casual drink or a precursor to something a little more intense, drop the mask and hang out at this casual Copenhagen institution.


One of the most popular hangouts on the Copenhagen gay circuit, at least for the gym-going part of the scene.

Men’s Bar

It’s the manly men who make it through the door; like a Tom of Finland fantasy, just with much smaller shlongs and skipped gym classes.


Getting sent to the slammer suddenly gets literal at this prison-inspired bar and restaurant.


Trainspotting’s just never going to be chic, no matter how smart the anorak. But don’t let that put you off this cute ‘railway cafe’.


Copenhagen’s oldest gay bar keeps this kitsch and cheerful all year round with live shows and live-wire characters.

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