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WarPigs Brewpub

A trans-Atlantic union made in Kødbyen of two of the world’s best craft beer makers.

Bakken – El Barrio

It ain’t pretty but for a night of mayhem and/or an inexpensive Mexican meal, this place in Kødbyen can provide both.


Plenty to like about this Copenhagen microbrew heaven, even if you aren’t the greatest fan of stouts, ales or single hops.


In Copenhagen’s old red light district, the whores and drunks have given way to this hot cocktail lounge.

Duck and Cover

For boozy, grown-up entertaining rather than hardcore partying, seek refuge at this handsome Vesterbro lounge.

Holmens Kanal Cocktailbar

Cosy, a central location, and reasonable prices. What’s not to like about this Copenhagen lounge?

Mikkeller & Friends

For something less obvious than a Carlsberg in Copenhagen, try this hyped micro-brewery.

Sunday Club

The Simons shake up Copenhagen’s nightlife again. Nominally straight, anything really goes here.

Balthazar Copenhagen

Get ready to dance and drop your pants at this classy bar behind Copenhagen’s D’Angleterre hotel.


Now run by the Ruby gang, it’s definitely a tastier kind of cough medicine being whipped up at this former pharmacy lab in Copenhagen.

Madam Chu’s

The professional classes have gotten themselves another cocktail speakeasy in the heart of Copenhagen’s bar district.

TS Bar

A members bar alright, but of the cool sort, where it’s about knowing the right people rather than handing over a fat cheque for membership.


Sure, it does sound like this hyper trendy, twatty kind of thing, but it actually does produce some interesting, up-for-it party crowds.

Vega & Ideal Bar

What Copenhagen lacks in clubs it makes up for in great bars – but if it’s a night on the tiles you’re really after, this is one of the few dance floors worth checking out.

Oak Room

Attractive twenty and thirty-something regulars squeeze into this compact space for its generously poured cocktails.


More like a civilised house party than cocktail bar, get comfortable in a Chesterfield or Ruby’s open air courtyard.

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