Who's Who - Gay to Z

Gloria Viagra

The Empire State Building of Drag


Proud mistress of the House of Shame.

Ades Zabel

Trash comedy legend and DJane extraordinaire.

Biggy van Blond

Talk drag queens, talk Berlin, and you’ll have a difficult time not talking about Biggy.

Hape Kerkeling

Germany’s favourite show master.

Marcel Schlutt

Grew up on a stud farm - now breeding them on screen.


Foul-mouthed rock chick import.


Expressive painter. Wild at heart.

Laurent Daniels

Waning fame but with a sizeable talent.

Peter Plate

Pleasing the gay club and cabaret scene since 1991.

Guido Westerwelle

Official government travel executive.

Udo Walz

Star coiffeur too queer for the Supreme Patriarch.