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Beuster Bar

Beuster Bar

Address Weserstrasse 32; 12045 Berlin
by Weichelstrasse
Neighbourhood Neukölln – Kreuzkölln | See on map
S-Bahn/U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln [U7], Hermannplatz [U7, U8]
Telephone +49 30 41959780
Website http://www.beusterbar.com/
Price Dinner EUR 25-35. Brunch EUR 15-20
Hours Mon–Wed 19-02. Thu–Fri 18-02. Sat–Sun 11-02 (brunch until 16)

More of a restaurant than a bar, most people come to Beuster Bar for its solid brunches and hearty German fare as opposed to merely drinking. Yes, German fare but that almost counts as exotic and cosmopolitan – if not outright rebellious and countercultural – in this part of Neukölln; Deutsch is rarely heard amidst the cacophony of English, Spanish and Scandi tongues around here.

This is pretty much where the area’s gentrification started and it hasn’t looked back since. While there are still parts of the district that are raw and rough, Weserstrasse surely isn’t one of them. And any Berliner, nostalgic about the days when the area was a cesspool of poverty, drugs and dodgy ethnic restaurants, will surely feel better after one of Beuster’s Wiener Schnitzels.

Those and the steak tartare are undoubtedly the stellar dishes later in the day (the desserts aren’t bad, either). For brunch, it’s the pancakes and Eggs Benedict that are the main draw. And the cocktails, of course. The drinks aren’t particularly cheap, but don’t be shy about asking for a liberal pour if you like them strong. Get comfy in a couch and you might still be around in time for a Schnitzel after all. (Consider moving on to Silver Future for some gay fun.)