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Twinpigs Berlin

Twinpigs Berlin

Address Boddinstrasse 57; 12053 Berlin
by Isarstrasse
Neighbourhood Neukölln | See on map
S-Bahn/U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln [U7], Boddinstrasse [U8]
Website https://www.facebook.com/pages/Twinpigs/250543855131040
Hours Tues-Sun 14-03

David Lynch fans will get it, as should anybody else old enough to remember the early nineties. The name, however, is as far as references to the cult series go at Twinpigs. No log ladies, no men from another place and no BOBs. You’ll have to make do with cocktails and craft beer at this stylish Neukölln bar.

And yeah, stylish. In Neukölln. There’s no pretense here of not being part of the area’s gentrification. So instead of going with the typical formula of a clever name, mismatched furniture and a faux-letarian attitude, interiors are sleekly minimalist and the approach to drinks serious. It might feel like Mitte but it’s quite enjoyable in a part of town where everybody tries so hard to be alternative.

The cocktail menu is endless – organised by liquor, if you won’t settle for a classic – but there’s also a decent selection of beer. Just on tap, you’ve got Rollberger Rotbier from next door, a weekly changing brew from Kreuzberg’s Heidenpeters at Markthalle Neun, as well as Bud (the Czech!). During the day, it’s also possible to order some very tasty sandwiches.

As with any place that mixes drinks, service can be slow at times. That’s rarely a problem during the week but weekends do get busy as DJs come on. Welcome a mix of weekend hipsters, cred-seeking foreigners and locals, simultaneously annoyed and flattered by the newcomers. A few gay boys, too, will be there, on their way to Schwuz around the block. Only Laura Palmer seems to be missing.