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Bogatell-Mar Bella

Address Passeig Marítim de la Mar Bella; 08005 Barcelona
Neighbourhood Poble Nou | See on map
Metro Poble Nou [L4], Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica [L4]
Website http://lameva.barcelona.cat/en/enjoy-it/bathing-and-beaches

Nova Icaria

Popular with students, making good use of the beach volley nets. The air is thick with teenage hormones and ghettoblasters compete for dominance of the soundwaves.


It’s not quite Ibiza, but the two chiringuitos try their hardest at creating a chill-party atmosphere and the loungers are chronically packed with a twenty and thirty-something straight crowd sipping cocktails while bobbing to the music. The popularity swings from season to season, but a quick glance will quickly tell you whether you’ve hit the hip chiringuito or the not-so-happening one.

Mar Bella

By far the most diverse of Barcelona’s beaches and now the city’s main gay summer hangout. It holds the most popular nudist zone around the small hill at the beginning, which transforms into the gay party zone around the first chiringuito – aka the Chiringay – and then turns lesbian and straight again by the time you get to the second chiringuito.

Nova Mar Bella and Levant

These are the two most recent of the man-made beaches and the ones furthest from the center. Less busy ,the water tends to be a bit cleaner here – the more central ones can become pools of sun screen by August – but generally attract families, so don’t go if you suffer from diaper aversion.