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Jaime Beriestain Concept Store & Café

Think of him as Barcelona’s gay Martha Stewart, with better taste, and this as his walk-in catalogue.

Objeto de Deseo

When you’re in the hunt in Barcelona for a special gift or something more original than a French bulldog for your home.


In a small arched passageway in the Born, a tiny treasure trove of design pieces and gift items.

Lu Ink

Come away with something truly unique from this homeware workshop where everything is either a one-off or a limited edition.


Barcelona’s ultimate design store. What was once a building housing imported Czechoslovakian ceramics, is now a labyrinthine space paying homage to all things interior design.


Inflatable plastic pandas from Japan, Iranian wind-up toys, Chinese thermos flasks, Mexican virgins. One man’s tchochke is another man’s kitschy treasure here.


This classy mini-emporium has shrunk its menswear range, but is still worth a visit when you’re in need of a one-of-a-kind Saturday night item or a last-minute gift.

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