Bar Brutal – Can Cisa

Bar Brutal – Can Cisa

Address Princesa 14 (also entry from Barra de Ferro 1); 08003 Barcelona
between Cotoners and Montcada
Neighbourhood Born, Sant Pere | See on map
Metro Jaume I [L4]
Telephone +34 93 295 4797
Price Calculate EUR 30-40 per person if you eat
Hours Mon 20-01. Tues-Sat 13-01. (Shop open Tues-Sat 11-20)

As much of a wine bar/shop as a tapas place, Bar Brutal-Can Cisa might not be the most obvious option for dining out. However, think of it as an option for those occasions when you don’t want to stop the drinking just because you’re feeling hungry.

Located just around the corner from the Picasso Museum, it comes from the brothers behind Xemei – arguably the best Italian in town – and here they offer a mouth-watering mix of antipasti and tapas to go with your drinks. Indulge in a Xemei favourite like the burrata, or perhaps some smoked sardines, pata negra jamón, and boquerónes with tomato tartare. The service is so-so, occasionally verging on the infuriating, but the food is commendable.

Drinks-wise, it’s all natural wines (no non-alcoholic drinks except for water is served) and there’s an impressive selection of them. If you like bio-dynamic plonk, it’s great. If you don’t, then you’re out of luck. Also, be careful – they have a bad habit of recommending excessively expensive bottles with no warning of the price tag. Still popular but it’s a tourist trap in the making.