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The three chefs de cuisine from El Bulli’s peak years are now making magic happen at their own place in Barcelona.

OneOcean Club

Contemporary sleekness, stunning marina views and fine cuisine in Barcelona’s superyacht marina.


The Adrià brothers move on and take on the challenge of the Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine in Barcelona.

Black @ La Royale

Not for every occasion: hidden behind a door in the men’s room, a clandestine vodka and caviar lounge with a Michelin-star chef menu.


Magical - though pricey - moments get made on every plate at Raül Balam’s Michelin-starred eatery at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona.


Creative gastronomic delights at very reasonable prices in this small but grand restaurant where they take pride in the immaculate white tablecloth-service.

Koy Shunka

A sleek, upscale dining experience from Ferran Adrià’s favourite sushi maker, where the focus remains on the quality of the raw materials.


Modern Catalan cuisine is served in a minimalist setting, following the mantra of the bistronomic food temples: small, understated and wallet-friendly.


Plenty of drama for the city's top restaurant of late, but with gastronomic prodigy Jordi Cruz taking over the reins, the restaurant's well-deserved stellar reputation should be safe.


A wine lover’s heaven, sporting a menu of 3,000 wines to accompany the excellent nosh from rising star Sergi De Meià.


A bistronomic run by one of the most exciting young chefs in Spain who learned the finer tricks of the trade at Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli and Martín Berasategui’s Lasarte.


A recent and worthy addition to the city’s blooming scene of modestly priced bistronomics started by a young trio from Espai Sucre.

Comerç 24

Carles Abellán’s winning combination of El Bulli-esque ingenuity and well-versed staff able to explain the culinary processes.


Three Roca brothers from the two Michelin-starred Celler de Can Roca ensure that the kitchen is as much of an attraction as the buzzing scene and hot design.


The kind of new Catalan cuisine that visitors have come to expect, swapping ingredients, modifying consistencies, and playing with your mind and taste buds.

Cinc Sentits

A family affair with a Michelin star. A fusion of creative influences, dabbling in deconstructivism without going overboard, to please all five of your senses.

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