Bar Celta Pulpería

Address Princesa 50; 08003 Barcelona
by Comerç
Neighbourhood Born | See on map
Metro Jaume I [L4]
Telephone +34 93 315 1510
Price EUR 15-20
Hours Mon-Sun 08:30-24

In Latin America, a pulpería is a place to booze. In Galicia, the northwestern province of Spain from where the owners of Bar Celta come from, it’s a place specialised in pulpo, octopus. That might explain the freshly boiled creature usually left, still steaming, to greet you on the counter here. It ain’t fancy but it’s authentic, inexpensive and very good, a rare combination the tourist-ridden district of Born (and equally rare for Barrio Gótico, where you’ll find its sister outlet).

Do yourself a favour and make sure to order their pulpo a la gallega (sliced octopus with paprika), chocos (diced squid), sepia a la plancha (grilled cuttlefish) and chipirones (deep-fried baby squid). And if you want some carbs and greens, an order of bombas (deep-fried breaded meat and potato balls), croquetas de jamón and pimiento de padrón. Wash down with plenty of clara (draft lager and lemonade) or your choice of wine. Even the Galicians like to booze.