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Barcelona Lofts & Apartments

A bit of a corporate, apart-hotel feel, but good value, especially for stays shorter than the minimum-stay requirements of other agencies.

Apartments In Barcelona

Clusters of holiday flats in buildings situated in the old parts of town, create more of an apart-hotel feel than most flat rentals.

Habitat Apartments

Well-located flats, unspectacular and perhaps lacking a bit in personality but modern and comfortable.

Inside BCN

The five flats are located in the same building, making them a convenient choice for larger groups.

Chic & Basic Tallers

The pop-kitsch white and candy-coloured interiors may not be everybody’s definition of chic, but it’s definitely basic and, by most standards, cheap, too.

Banys Orientals

Unless you’re a super user of hotel services, this is perfect for anybody wanting to live it up while saving a pretty penny.

Hotel Market

This is like a weathered drag queen. If you don’t look too closely, she can look real classy and, boy, can she give you a good time for little money.


MUJI has taken the step forward from selling value-for-money interiors, to selling value-for-money holiday flats with this project.

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