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LIM Tea Dance – Love Is Mylène

When Sunday April 9, 2017
Time 19:30-01:30
Cost Free
Where Planches Paris, 40 rue du Colisée; 75008 Paris
between avenue FDR and rue de Fbg Saint-Honoré
Neighbourhood 8th Arrondissement
Metro Franklin D. Roosevelt [M1]
Website http://www.loveismylene.com/

Chic & coquette is what they call the LIM Tea Dance and, even if we tried, we can’t think of a better term to describe this gay hipster crowd – styled to the nines, face pubes coiffed and eyebrows plucked to perfection, it’s like partying with the shortlisted applicant pool for Marc Jacobs store assistants.

However, this is no too-cool-for-school gathering of smugsters. The LIM name comes from Love Is Mylène, and though it refers to the party organiser rather than gay icon Mylène Farmer who – at least to the French – is like Madonna, Kylie and Gaga rolled into one, the monthly Sunday party is all about light-hearted, whimsical fun – not too unlike the sultry blonde Gallic popstress.

The team of Cookieboys are serving up, yes, cookies as well as sweet mojitos and sour shots, while DJ Flashcookie is dishing up very danceable retro-pop. Starting early enough to allow boys with proper day jobs to attend, it’s been a hit with the twenty and thirty-something crowd since 2008 and – like Myléne F. – only getting better with age.


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  • April 7
  • Madame Klaude
  • The Paris monthly for homo hipsters of any age.

  • LIM Tea Dance – Love Is Mylène
  • April 9
  • LIM Tea Dance – Love Is Mylène
  • ‘Chic & coquette’, this gay hipster party no too-cool-for-school gathering of smugsters but all about light-hearted, whimsical fun.

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